"...I'm already there and don't need your help...."



Coming to East Colfax Avenue to serve and love those who live there is in many ways the fulfillment of a dream that is more than 30 years old. When I,  Shawn Sikkema, and my wife Diane, were finishing college and seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we lived in the inner city and were actively involved in ministry in that world. We felt as though God had given us a life-long call to serve among the poor and the broken.

It turned out, he had other plans. He appointed us to a thirty-year chapter of upfront Pastoral church leadership. Twenty-six of those years were at Eastern Hills Community Church in southeast Aurora.  Now God has called us from pastoring one of the largest churches in Aurora in the wealthiest part of the city; to ministering on the streets in what is clearly the poorest part of Aurora.

We began to investigate what it means to serve amid the gritty urban realities of the East Colfax area that is North Aurora and also the Western edge of Denver. We prayed, it seemed like Jesus was finally calling us back to the urban core where we had first learned to do ministry. Through prayer, He did make one thing very clear "If you have any notion that you are going to bring me to East Colfax, you can get rid of that right now. I'm already there and don't need your help, thank you very much.  I need you to be open to whatever unique work I might call you to do in this community."

So we’re here joining and serving with Jesus...